Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another Funny Story

Okay, okay...after this, enough of the "My kid is smarter than your kid" stories. Well, for a few days, anyway. Because, basically, my kid is pretty darn smart. And I like to brag about her.

I guess because I'm not with M all day every day she seems to amaze me when we're together for several days in a row. Oh, how I yearn for the SAHM days...hopefully only one more year in the classroom then I can be at home.

Today we were on the way to pick up M's best friend, M, for story hour at the local library. That's right...two M's (Actually, there are four M's altogether). On the way, my M kept saying "More, Mommy, more." and pointing to the front of the van. I was completely confused because she had milk and did not have a snack. I told her that I didn't have a snack for her. "More, Mommy!" I finally asked her what she wanted more of. Duh. Should have asked that at the beginning of the conversation. (Keep in mind, we're communicating by mirror on a curvy road that goes OVER railroad tracks. It's hard to concentrate on a 20 month old AND driving!). M pointed DIRECTLY to the radio and said, "Loud." I promptly turned her music up. She clapped and laughed. All was well in the Benson van.

Lesson: When your kid is demanding more and you don't know what it is they want, ASK THEM.

A few words on story hour: It was awesome. My friend Susie (http://www.lovekampfamily.blogspot.com/) met me there with her two sweet kids. Today would have been more aptly named Music Hour. There was a lady playing her guitar and singing with the kids. They were even brave enough *gulp* to get out instruments for each child!!! It was crazy. WILD. CRAZY. But the kids had a blast. M danced some and waved her bells around. The other M was a little more reserved, but kept looking at me with a sweet grin. Susie's little boy, Noah, was a little overwhelmed, but he seemed to enjoy it. Overall, story hour was a success. You'll find us there every Tuesday morning.


christinator said...

We're proud Mamas - we're allowed to brag! After all, we have the best kids in the world...we need to share them with the world, right? :o)

They really do amaze us all the time with how much the understand and know, don't they? So clever about her telling you she wanted the music turned up! It doesn't always work to ask your kid "more of what?" though....I do that all the time but Nadia just doesn't have the words to tell me!

Story time sounds awesome! We're never able to go, as it's on Wednesday here and I always work. But the few times we have been, I've been impressed with the program but spent most of my time wrangling my busy girl. She's not big on finger games...she wants to explore.

Okay, now that I've written a book....

melody is Slurpinig Life said...

Duh, smart kid...but about mom? :0 LOL.

I remember the days of story time at the library. My three little guys and I were there every week with bells on. Afterward a group of us moms and kids went to the park for an afternoon picnic and play. Great memories.

And as far as I'm concerned, you may keep the stories coming. You're bringing back sweet memories to me. :)

Stacy said...

Story time sounds like it was loads of fun! Love the story about your smart little cookie, too. For soooo many months you just try to figure out what they are saying. It really doesn't occur to you they are "evolving" and can answer you finally, right? :)

Kyla said...

Very cute. Now KayTar says "More song." and signs "song". No more guessing when she wants music!