Sunday, June 17, 2007

Words heard at the Benson household today

"Dada" (M to H)
"M, will you help me open this?" (H to M)
"Oh, my goodness. I wanted it, but wasn't sure you were getting it for me! You never left us yesterday. Did you hide it in the house?" (H to me)
"Take this, SUCKA." (H to the TV)
"Oh, go back to your seat." (H to the TV)
"Yah! I got you." (H to the TV)
"HOME RUN!!!!" (H to the TV)
"Man, my arm is going to hurt tomorrow." (H to me, I think. He might have been talking to the TV again.)
"Hehehehehehe. I tricked you. You didn't think I could get that one." (H to the TV)
"Strike!" As in bowling. (H to the TV)
"Go home. I'm taking this one." (H to the TV)
"M, you press this button to throw the ball. Look at the TV." Giggles. Lots of them. (H to M)
I think you get the idea. H is very, very happy with his Wii system.
Happy Father's Day, H. You deserve it.


christinator said...

Alright! Sounds like you scored bigtime with the Wii!

mommy_jem said...

My DH and I also have a WII. It's pretty fun actually. He even taught JEM how to bowl, with some help from Dada.
I think you'll have fun with the WII also, Natalie.

Stacy said...

Glad he loves it!

kim said...

We got one for my husband's birthday a week ago. He loves his wii, too! The problem is that my four year old and I love it just as much as he does. What will they think of next?

melody is Slurping Life said...

My husband and boys are not to ever see this post, you hear me? ;)

Clearly, your DH is thrilled.