Friday, June 15, 2007

Similar Experience

First: Yes, I went to the gym this morning. Not so happy about the childcare situation, but am planning to call the asst. manager that I spoke with yesterday to let him know my concerns. M was happy, so it's tolerable, at least. I, however, walked 1.77 miles and burned 204 calories. I've decided that my ultimate goal is to run one mile. Not a lot, but a LOT for me.

Second: My friend Melody ( ) posted a hilarious moving story today about how helpful her boys are as she is struggling to pack all of their earthly belongings for the big move. I laughed out loud and thought about happened this morning when M and I returned from the gym.

My parents are coming to town. So I feel the overwhelming need to clean my house (it really, really, really needed to be cleaned anyway). I thought I'd start in the upstairs bathroom while M played in her room. WHAT WAS I THINKING? Every now and then M will entertain herself for 1.2 seconds while I do something independently. Most of the time, she thinks I need her help accomplishing every task I attempt during the day: pouring myself some water, pouring her some muk (milk), going to the bathroom, writing the grocery list, picking out the groceries, preparing meals, taking her picture. Whatever I'm doing, you can bet your bottom dollar she's underfoot helping and offering her very vocal opinion. Back to cleaning the bathroom. As I scrubbed the tub, she played in the faucet and pointed to all of the spots I needed to clean. If I didn't clean it to her satisfaction, she would say, "No, Mama!" and point until that area of the tub was clean enough for her.

Where did this little clean freak come from? Her dad and I definitely DO not possess that gene. It must be recessive. Before too long, she'll be old enough that I can just hand her the scrub brush and cleaner and say, "DO IT YOURSELF!"

Ooopss..someone is knocking on the door. I bet my parents are here!!! SO FUN!


melody is Slurping Life said...

I dropped by to let you know that you may keep your little helper at home. :)

I've reached the point in life where I put the cleaning supplies in my boys' hands and say "clean it". We all can imagine what a fine job they do...yep, fine job.:(

BTW, people are rummaging and buying my stuff. :)

Kyla said...

How cute! BubTar is just recently interested in I try and find ways to accommodate. It is ONE time where his desire for perfection is productive....usually it just leaves in him a sobbing pile whenever his latest project doesn't look just like the photo.

christinator said...

Have fun with your parents!!!

Kudos on making it to the gym! I hope you're able to resolve the childcare concerns.

Girl, I can SO relate to having a "helpful" toddler underfoot, eager to provide her assistance in everything I do! I was nodding nd lauging along in agreement while reading your post.