Saturday, June 2, 2007

Saturday in Class

Class has been good this weekend. Better than last month--"The Big Explosion" as we lovingly (very sarcastic) refer to it. Whew...

Last night we had the opportunity to go see an amazing photography exhibit by a brother and a sister (8 and 9 grade). They are part of a mentoring project. A local professional photographer met them in their neighborhood, gave them nice cameras, taught them a few basic things and set them free. They took the most amazing photos of their neighbors and neighborhood. Did I mention they live in government housing? The sister said, "I'm so amazed by all the beauty I found in my neighborhood." Beauty, indeed.

Today we watched "Freedom Writers." Wow! Awesome movie about an amazing teacher. If you have ANY interest in education at all, this is a movie for you to see. It's a little extreme, but there are teachers out there fighting similar battles every day. We so often here how our students can't learn or they have obstacles too big to overcome. This movie proves that ANYTHING can be overcome. Our life circumstances do not have to define who we are.

On another note:
M comes home tomorrow. YAHOO!!! I miss my sweet girl!
My mom and dad have taught her lots of new things. She's saying purple, banana, ma'am...I'm getting all excited just thinking about it! I can't wait to see how much she's grown and changed in one week. It's been the LONGEST and SHORTEST week of my life. Don't call tomorrow night because I'll be snuggling with my girl.


melody said...

I suppose at this moment you are impatiently waiting for M or snuggling with her. Enjoy!

christinator said...

That photography exhibit sounds amazing - wow, how awesome!

And YAY that your girl is home now! I wonder who's happier right and her. :o)