Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Nona, the Wii and Me

Here is Nona playing the Wii. I'm going to tell you a secret, BUT DON'T TELL ANYONE ELSE. Nona's favorite sport is boxing. Why? I have NO idea, but she loves it! There is not one aggressive cell in her body. I've always been baffled about her adoration of such a contact sport. When asked which game she'd like to play on the Wii, her immediate response was BOXING! We laughed so hard while she played. She was making noises and counting on her fingers when her opponent was knocked to the ground.

Just so you know, Nona won. Hands down. And I think she had a good time. When H asked her if she'd like to bowl, she declined.

Nona, you've made M proud.

I needed to make a few apology cards tonight. This is such a basic, but quick, design. The picture is sideways, so you might have some trouble seeing it clearly. All products are Stampin' Up! I made a pocket card using brilliant blue cardstock and stamped circles on the front of it. Then I stamped so very and sorry in brilliant blue on white cardstock. I trimmed them and put them on orange panels (the one at the top of the card has small circles stamped on it and is torn). The red panel fits in the pocket and says sorry at the bottom right corner. I'm going to write my apology notes and get them in the mail tomorrow.

My parents (Nona and OB) left this afternoon right before I put M down for a nap. When M woke up, we played upstairs for a few minutes before going downstairs. I knew she wouldn't understand that Nona and OB were gone. She rushed around downstairs trying to find them. When she couldn't find them anywhere, I told her that Nona and OB went home. She raced to the window and was crying "Nona, Nona, Nona" as she knocked on the glass. I just sat on the floor and cried a little--she didn't understand and it broke my heart that she missed her grandparents so much! I'm so thankful for the relationship they have. Not all children are lucky enough to have grandparents that roll around on the floor with them and laugh at everything they do or read to them for hours on end or play little finger games or enjoy a toddler's humor. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for being such amazing grandparents. M and I are very lucky. We love (and miss) you very much.


Kyla said...

Great photos!!! :) I love that she loves boxing!

Melody is Slurping Life said...

Nona has a great one-two punch, huh? What a fun grandmother M has.

Stacy said...

Your mom looks like a very fun lady! Love the shots of her boxing. :)

The grandparents are a few hours away for us, too, and I really wish we all lived closer so the kids knew them better.

nona said...

I might really have it in me!! Jamie's friend, Joey, better watch out! Who wouldn't be enchanted with M- she has a wonderful mother who has taught her to be humorous, gentle, and loving.

christinator said...

Hehe at Boxing Nona!

Love the cards. But you seem like such a sweet person, I can't imagine you needing to apologize for anything.

So sweet and sad at the same time to see how much M loves her Grandparents! I am grateful that all Nadia's grandparents live nearby and she sees them at least weekly.

Colleen said...

You've given me a few tears. My parents just moved to Florida from here in NJ. Zoe just doesn't get it. It breaks my heart when she'll suddenly say "where are you Grammy? Where are you PopPop". I know just how you felt as you sat and cried a little.