Saturday, June 16, 2007

Melody, this is for you

By 9:30 this morning, I'd been to WW (lost 1 lb.) and to the gym, where I walked 2 miles in less than 40 minutes. I was a little disappointed with only 1 lb, but we ate pizza last night. I saved bunches of points for dinner. After we ate, my mom and I realized how salty the pizza was because we were SOOO thirsty! I bet I'm retaining a bit of water this morning. I know next week will be better because I'll be going to the gym several days and H and I have already decided what we're going to eat several nights.

We're off to the big city of Atlanta for the day to see family and SHOP!!! There's a new scrapbook store that I am DYING to go to. I think H will take me if I ask real nice and say pretty please.

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melody is Slurping Life said...

Applause, applause! You're doing great.

Atlanta, you should have driven north a couple of hours or so and stopped by my moving sale. :)