Friday, June 29, 2007


I'm in class this weekend. Have lots to say, but not enough time or energy to say it. Doing poetry this weekend, so I might be full of poetic representations of my life next week. I'm sure you're waiting with baited breath.

Check out Kyla at The Journey (see my sidebar). Say a little prayer for KayTar as she's experiencing some new and unusual symptoms. It sounds like the Tar family has a great pediatrician who is ready and willing to go back to the drawing board to figure out what the cause of KayTar's condition is.

Head on over to Christina at Momology to read about fun trips with Nadia. I so wish Nadia and M could be real life friends.

Stacy at the Land of K.A. took a day off work. You should stop over there to see what she did for her precious blondie daughter. She's totally creative, ya'll. You'll be so impressed.

My friend, Melody of Slurping Life, is busy this week moving her family to their new home in a new city. They're leaving the country behind for a more suburban life. I can't wait for her update to see how everyone is adjusting.

See you on the other side of Sunday. I'm off to bed with rhymes in my head.


Kyla said...

Ooooh, poetry! Lovely! Thanks for the nod. We're doing okay...just ya know, ready to KNOW something.

christinator said...

I so wish Nadia and M could be friends in person, too...they seems so similar with their bubbly personalities! Maybe one day. :o)

Sounds like a loooong weekend for you, but I'll look forward to your poetic observations!