Saturday, June 30, 2007


Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
My teacher makes us clap and sing.
Sadly, that is true.

We were required to order this phenomenal book of poems. All of the poems have been read by Garrison Kellier on The Writer's Almanac, which is a show featured daily on NPR. Several of us had high hopes for this class. I was a little intimated because I don't care all that much for poetry, but I was ready to be challenged academically. This teacher is good. Not great, but good. He's definitely teaching to the primary teachers in the group, which is what I am, so that's good. But he reads all of the poetry in a sing-song voice with the SAME. EXACT. INFLECTION. Help me. He likes to do clap-and-snap poetry so the children learn a beat. I have never done that with my kids and really, really doubt I'll start now. It's just not my style. I wanted to learn about different styles of poetry and how to use them for instruction. I'm holding out hope that that will come sometime during this class. We meet tomorrow (Sunday) and then again the last weekend in July. He might just redeem himself.

I hope ya'll are having a more exciting weekend than I am. Please tell me about it.


Kyla said...

Oh no! Clapping and singing? I couldn't deal. I hope he gets around to the good stuff soon.

christinator said...

What, you don't go for sing-song poetry all weekend long?

Yeah, me neither. Sorry for your least you're done for another month!