Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Family Again

We're all together again. AWESOME. M is home. Her daddy is rocking her to sleep right now. When she saw her crib, she said (and signed) "Night, night."

Thankfully, M didn't grow too much while she was gone. Although her hair does seem a little longer. Not barrette long, but longer than it was. Maybe barrettes will happen sometime this summer.

I'm off to clean up. While I was in class this weekend, H shampooed the carpet in most of the house. He got 2 out of three rooms downstairs and the stairs and landing done. He got all the furniture back in place, so my goal this week is to get downstairs clean AND organized.


Anonymous said...

I am SOOOOOOOOOO happy M is home.....And am soooo glad class is over..... have agrgeat week and call me so we can go to the pool

melody said...

Welcome home, M...night, night and sweet dreams.

Natalie, stop working so hard! It's summer vacation for crying out loud.

christinator said...

SOOO glad that your girl is back!

And ditto what Melody said! You deserve to relax for a while. Now, go get M and head out to your little piece of heaven out back. :o)