Saturday, June 23, 2007

Scrapbooking Encouragement


I know you are sick of hearing about the gym and my newfound love of all things healthy. So, I'd like to discuss scrapbooking. I love it. If you are a scrapbooker or if you are thinking of becoming a scrapbooker or if you used to scrapbook and have not in a while (ahem...Christina) or if you've never considered scrapbooking, I think I've found a great product for you. But first let me ramble for a while. I'm a hot/cold scrapbooker. I'll do it religiously for a while, then get tired of having my junk out, so I'll pack it up and put it away for a while. By while, I mean months. Weeks. Just depends on what else is going on in life.

I sometimes get out of touch with the current trend. Sometimes I don't care for the current trend, so I stick with my basic, simple style. Every now and then I turn out a pretty fantastic layout.

Whether I'm hot or cold, I always enjoy reading Creating Keepsakes ( Magazine and Simple Scrapbooks ( ) Magazine. (I'm getting to the great product in about 2 seconds.) While purusing my May copy of Creating Keepsakes, I discovered that Lisa Bearnson, Ali Edwards and some other famous scrapbooker are creating monthly kits that include albums, layouts, embellishments, and tons of ideas. I was intrigued. I got on the website ( and was impressed with the versatility of June's kit. So, I ordered it.

It arrives Friday afternoon. As soon as I opened it, I realized that it's amazing. Each layout is sealed in it's own bag. There is a hinged clipboard for display. There is a booklet with page ideas. Each page is multiple layers. There are a variety of embellishments. I haven't opened the bag with a layout yet, so I can't attest to the quality of the paper. Truthfully, it's probably not the nice thick paper I love to buy at the scrapbook stores, but everything is already cut. DID YOU HEAR ME???? Everything is already cut for you. I don't have to cut mats or title blocks or ANYTHING. That in itself is worth a lesser quality paper. I don't mean that the paper isn't good. But the cardstock isn't Bazzill, which is top of the line.

The other thing that got me about this approach to a monthly kit? There is no committment. I was a member of a scrapbook club, but you were charged almost $40/month and you had to cancel your membership to take a break. With Lisa Bearnson's approach, you order only the kits you are interested in. So, if my budget is tighter one month, I won't order it. Or if the kit is something I'm not interested in, I won't order it. But I have the freedom.

I also like that there are several samples with each layout idea on the website. Ali Edwards also posted some of her examples on her blog. Speaking of her blog, can I mention that I thought I'd died and gone to heaven when I realized ALL. THESE. FAMOUS. SCRAPBOOKERS. HAVE. BLOGS. But not to worry. I really like you all more. A lot more. I're real people and you're my blog friends.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Please.

Just a disclaimer: Since my local scrapbook store closed, I'm thirsty for supplies. The amazing scrapbook store in Atlanta is 2 hours away--not something I could do every weekend. If you have a local store, I highly encourage you to support it. Then again, one can never have too many supplies!!!


christinator said...

Uhoh...I've been officially called out. You're really gonna make me get back to this, aren't you?! Those kits do look pretty darn cool, and it would make it a snap to put together some awesome layouts. I just seriously don't know when I'd spend *any* time on it. Anyway, I'm glad you still like us better than your pro scapbooker buddies. :o)

Stacy said...

I have SO MUCH scrapbooking stuff and really need to work on it. However, it is usually a trade off of working on scrapbooking or sewing and I have a backlog of sewing that I need to finish. Hopefully I will get to it soon.