Thursday, June 28, 2007

M's Language

Funny M sayings:

"New biper, peese!" (holding the back of her dirty diaper)

"Mer!" (cat. We think she's saying Meow.)

Bocha--any dog (Our dog is Mocha)

Bocha, NO!

Me: M, please pick up your books.
M: No, Bocha.

Me: M, eat your sandwich.
M: No, Bocha.

Me: Did you play in Mocha's water?
M: (shaking her head) No-oo, Bocha.

She blames EVERYTHING on Mocha.

More funny examples to come. She's beckoning me from her crib. Mommmmm=mmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!


Stacy said...

She's so cute! Our kids have each other to blame things on, so she is being quite the little smarty pants. ;)

christinator said...

LOL! Too funny that she blames it all on that naughty dog!

Kyla said...

Too cute. KayTar says "Poo. Cheege." which means "Poop. Change me please." *lol*

I love that she blames the dog.

Laura McIntyre said...

Aww cute, i love hearing the funny things kids say