Monday, November 2, 2009

30 Things about M

Remember I said I do better if I write down the things I want do accomplish? Well, here's an example. I sure did NOT make a plan for my 30 posts. I actually have no idea where I'm going with this whole write every day idea. For lack of a better post, I'm going to give you a little glimpse into life with M.

1.) M was born on a Wednesday evening at 6:15.
2.) She weighed 7 lbs, 6 oz.
3.) She was due on our anniversary, but arrived a day early.
4.) M has her father's personality.
5.) She's never met a stranger.
6.) She calls EVERYONE friend. When we're at the park, she'll say, "Let's go meet that friend." about any of the other children.
7.) If I speak to a child in public, she assumes they are one of my students.
8.) M has just discovered the joy of accessorizing.
9.) M is VERY quick witted. This is a dangerous thing because I am not witty, much less quick witted.
10.) Her favorite color is blue and has been for a long time.
11.) She is fickle.
12.) Very fickle.
13.) M has an enormous sweet tooth.
14.) She is an enormous TV addict. We indulge her WAY.TOO.MUCH.
15.) She was an easy toddler compared to the past few weeks.
16.) She argues ALL THE TIME about EVERY SINGLE THING.
17.) She has the BEST laugh.
18.) M does not understand joke delivery, but she sure thinks she's funny, which makes us laugh, which encourages her to tell another nonsense joke, and the cycle continues.
19.) She carved her first pumpkin this year and she's so proud of it.
20.) M is learning how to bathe herself. Part of me is so excited and part of me misses helping her.
21.) M loves to read.
22.) She loves to do crafty things.
23.) She doesn't have favorite toys. She changes her mind all the time. (See #'s 11 and 12.) For example, she ADORED Robyn for a few days after she got her, but she's sort of let her go for now.
24.) M and our dog have become best friends recently. Just the other day, when we got home, M ran up to the dog and said, "Hey gorgeous! I missed you!" Where she heard that, I have no idea.
25.) M will tickle anyone. That's her version of shaking hands.
26.) Have I mentioned that she's in an argumentative stage right now? Trust me. She is.
27.) M calls restaurants "houses." The Mexican restaurant is the "Chip and Cheese House." The local pizzeria is the "Pizza House."
28.) I don't think I have one picture of a true smile from M.
29.) M is completely and fully potty trained. She's been doing great during day time for more than a year. It was only two weeks ago that we took away the diapers at night and she hasn't had one accident.
30.) She's growing and changing every single day. I can't believe that the baby I held in my arms has grown into such a wonderful, delightful, exasperating little girl!


Alex said...

Cute kid, you're blessed!

Kyla said...

Man, I wish K would potty train! I told her that's what I want for Christmas...she wasn't sold.

M is a sweetie!

Allyson said...

What a great post...she will have to read that when she is older! And I LOVE that she calls restaurants "houses" - Chip and Cheese House...I couldn't think of a more perfect name. :)

Christina said...

What a darling girl! #6 is true of N too.

Andi said...

Precious. I love that you are so observant of her...mothers should be, but not everyone puts it into words to share like you. She is such a unique and special little many reasons why we love M. at our house too!
BTW, Aubs and I often say "Chip and cheese house" now too. :)