Thursday, November 12, 2009

Favorite Shows and a funny

Just a quick list of my favorite shows:

1. Criminal Minds
3. CSI: Miami
4. NCIS: Los Angeles (have you seen this one? It's WONDERFUL!)
5. The Today Show

What are your favorites? C'mon...give me some new ones to check out.

I completely forgot to tell this little funny from dinner. H worked most of the afternoon on the whole bathroom situation: putting in new sheetrock and mudding the walls. He was late joining us next door for dinner. M hugged him. Then she quickly ran to me and whispered in my ear, "Daddy smells like skunk spray!"

SKUNK SPRAY??? Where in the world does she get this stuff?


Andi said...

Ok so no one else I will. We watch too much TV in our house; I realize, but I love the following:
1. Lost
3. NCIS: LA (was prepared to hate it, but certainly did not!)
4. Criminal Minds
5. Grey's Anatomy

Maggie said...

TV...oh how I love TV!

I love to watch:

Criminal Minds
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice
CougarTown (hilarious!)
The Good Wife

Colleen said...

My list might be too long for the comment box.

Lie to Me
Desperate Housewives
Brothers and Sisters
Three Rivers
Vampire Diaries
The Mentalist
Big Bang Theory
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice
Ugly Betty
90210 (don't laugh)
Melrose Place (I hear you laughing)
General Hospital

I think that's it.
What can I say... I have a sad sad dvr'ed life.