Sunday, November 15, 2009

Trees and Christmas Cards

We took a family walk tonight. I've got about 65 pictures to document the 30 minute walk. H and I were able to talk M into sitting in a pretty fall-ish tree to take some pictures. After hoisting her onto the branch and forcing her to smile, she actually loved it and wanted to take lots of pictures up there. Here are two that I randomly selected to post without editing a single picture yet.

That's because I'm having too much fun figuring out this whole digital scrapbooking/card making thing. Boy, oh, boy, do I have tons to learn. But I had a ball tonight. This is card attempt number two. Still not even good, but it's getting better.

Anytime I design anything, I have a problem with too much "all the same thing"ness going on. see how there isn't really a dominate feature on this card? I need to learn more about design so I can learn to balance all of that out. I'm very obviously out of practice with actually paper and glue. My real scrapbooks are super creative and have plenty of contrast. Too bad I haven't scrapped in more than a year and really need to get back to it so I can revive my skills!

Also, I've noticed that I've changed some setting on my camera. All of my most recent pictures have a lot of noise. I wonder if I'm shooting at the wrong ISO. I don't think I've changed it, but I need to play around with my camera and figure that one out.

What do you think about this card vs. the first one? Do you like this one a little better? Have any suggestions?


Rachel said...

I like this card a lot! Isn't it addicting? I think i'm on like card number 4 or 5 trying to get the "perfect" one for us. And I still haven't gotten the perfect shot of my kids either!

Kyla said...

Very cute! I've got to take my kids' pictures soon.

Andi said...

I think I like card #1 better but only because I know the story behind the photo...I do love the scenery in this one, and her sweet little face. Do not know really. They both are great...I'm no help. I know.

Anonymous said...

I like the overall design, what I would change since you are not too happy with it. The ribbon add shadow so that it looks like real ribbon above paper. On season's greetings try bevel and/or emboss to raise the type. the focal point of the picture are the items on her jumper. Hope you like my suggestions.

Colleen said...

I like both cards.. but I actually think I like the first one better so far.

I was thinking your shots looks a bit "noisy"... and as I looked today my first thought was "I wonder if she's got her ISO switched up". I noticed mine do that when I bump it to 1600 or sometimes even at 800. And if you're outside and it's sunny I think it's best down at 400.