Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holly Days

Memories were made.

The day was holly and jolly.

After all, it was called "Holly Days."

There were cookies and milk with Santa.

So, she made her own cookie.

And it was delicous.

There was hopscotch.

There was window shopping.

There was Santa.

There were games and prizes.

There were crafts. She was in heaven.

There was even a little time for kisses for a girl and her mama.

There were ice skates!

There was anticipation.

There was trepidation and hand holding.

There was falling.

There was trying and succeeding.

There was help from Daddy.

There were millions of photos taken. There were favorite pictures EVER.

There were more photo ops to show where we were--ice skating on the street!

There was independence!!

There were more photos taken and yet ANOTHER favorite picture EVER.

There was snow! Lots and lots of snow!!

There were snow angels.

There was one hurt little girl with a busted chin and a bloody mouth.

There was a happy little girl who made a snowman. (sort of)

There was a little girl who learned just how cold snow could be!

There was a girl with a cold back!

There were more snow angels.

There were snowballs.

There was a daddy teaching his girl how to make and throw them at her mama.

There were flying snowballs.

But most importantly, there are memories to last forever.
Holly days, indeed.


Kristen said...

Love it! :)

Arizaphale said...

What a superb photo story. Was it real snow or man-made? It looks pretty good! Now I am disappointed to see that neither you nor H had ice skates on chickens :-D hahaha. So what was her verdict on snow?

Kyla said...

Fun!! We went to something similar last year. This weekend I think we might go to the Snow Flurry that our science museum does, it has 80,000 pounds of snow, which is definitely the most our poor Texas town sees.

Those shots of M in her hat are WONDERFUL!

Rachel said...

So much fun!!!! And the pics were great!!!!

Christina said...

Awesome photo story! looks and sounds like SUCH a fun day. The best of memories, and the best of pictures. My goodness, M is getting SO tall and lanky.

Colleen said...

Such a fun time!!!! We haven't had Zoe ice skating yet... I'm sure she'd love it.

I LOVE M's hat!!! And the favorite photos are gorgeous!!!