Tuesday, November 3, 2009

36 Hours

My dear blogfriend, Kyla, did a simlar post a while ago.

Here is what the past 36 hours look like at the Benson household

5:45 AM M is wide awake and in my bed. H is asleep on the couch.
6:00 AM H joins us for a family snuggle. He goes back to sleep. M and I have quite a nice morning together, snuggling. (Please, don't choke on the sarcasm)
6:30 AM I finally just get up.
7:00 AM M takes a shower
7:40 AM M and I are both ready for school. I leave. She cries.
8:00AM -3:10 PM School
3:30 PM Dr's appt (more clomid)
4:00 PM Head home early
4:45 PM After visiting for a few minutes, M and I head to the local mall to spend a gift card.
6:00 PM Meet H for dinner
7:20 PM Try on a pair of sassy boots to match my new sassy outfit. Cry because they won't zip. (The boots, not the sassy outfit)
8:00 PM Arrive home, put M to bed.
8:15 PM Pay bills, blog, watch a smidgeon of TV, read about 2 paragraphs in a book
10:00 PM Fall into bed, exhausted

12:04 AM M is in my room crying hysterically. I pray quickly, "Please don't let there be any throw up."
12: 05 AM "I NEED SLEEP." (No kidding, I think.) I put M on the toilet, thinking maybe her bladder woke her up.
12:06 AM Crying, "I need sleep, Mommy. Not potty." (Why in the world are you waking ME UP IF YOU NEED SLEEP????? I wonder silently.)
12:07 AM M goes back to bed. I have no idea what in the world she was crying about or why she got out of bed.
12:08 AM My head hits the pillow and I hear "MOMMY! I need to go potty now."
12:08:30 AM M is back on the toilet. This time she actually uses it.
12:10 AM Everyone is back in their beds.
1:00 AM Everyone is asleep EXCEPT me.
1:15 AM I finally drift off.
5:57 AM I'm wide awake.
5:58 AM-6:30 AM Doze
6:30 AM M is wide awake and ready for the day.
6:45 AM I get up and get ready, M stalks me in the bathroom.
7:20 AM I'm ready to leave for work, I wake H up.
8:00 AM-5:00 PM School and afterschool
5:10 PM Pick M up from H
5:30-6:30 PM Relay for Life committee meeting
7:35 PM Arrive home with dinner, eat, snuggle M
8:00 PM Put M down for bed
9:00 PM Publish this blog post

Day 3. Done.


Kyla said...

BubTar does that half-awake, fussing, has to potty but doesn't know it thing STILL! He's 7, nearly 8. If he wakes up fussing, we walk him straight to the potty. He isn't coherent enough to know WHY he woke up, but it is always a bathroom thing.

It takes me a long time to fall asleep, too. I hate it!

Arizaphale said...

Sigh. I am kinda glad this phase of life is over :-) Except for the waking up and going to school thing. Will it ever end?????