Saturday, November 14, 2009

Camera VS. Sun

Today I did a photo shoot with a sweet family I know. When I say sweet, I mean the whole entire family is sweet. I had to do a little bribing (jelly beans and bubbles for the little boys and a beer for the biggest boy), but they were so EASY to work with. I need to add a bunch of poses to my repetoire to keep everyone engaged and make sessions go a little quicker. I'm a little too laid back, allowing things to just happen. I need a plan.

My camera and I fought the sun.

The sun won.

I just don't have enough tools in the arsenal to fight it. I'm still learning to make the camera work for me!

Anyway, here are three shots from this morning.

The two brothers, sweet as can be.

Another sweet picture of the brothers.

(Darn that sun! Wouldn't this be perfect if not for the blow out?)

The whole family. Sweet like peppermint.

I hope they'll let me do it again another time when the sun will submit to my whims!!

In a few minutes, I'm heading out with my smallest assistant (that's M), to do a shoot with two little friends of hers. When she heard I was going to be taking their family picture, she INSISTED on assisting me. It's late in the afternoon here, so I'm hoping for golden light, not glaring sun.


Christina said...

they sure are a sweet little family! The clasped hands in the first photo get me! But mean ol' sun. ;o)

Colleen said...

Strong sunshine is definitely a difficult opponent.