Monday, November 23, 2009


I'm thankful for dreary days when my girl and I spend the ENTIRE day in pajamas. M wore three different pair of pajamas, but that's okay. She stayed in pajamas all day.

We decorated the door for "winter." Not Christmas because it didn't have a Christmas tree. There are snowflakes and a snowman head and the words, "Let it snow!" Whatever. We had fun.

We did laundry.

We did dishes.

She gave ducky a bath.

We cleaned up a little bit. (Remember she gave ducky a bath. The bathroom is much cleaner now, thankyouverymuch.)

We watched a morning movie AND an afternoon movie. Did some snuggling. Ate some popcorn. Drank some hot chocolate.

We scrapped together. I was in the middle of a project, which is 99.2 % done now, thanks to help from M. I'm shocked, but she really was helpful. We now have an album for December--all I need to put in are pictures and journaling each day. Well, I need to run to Hobby Lobby and get some fun Christmas ribbon to tie it all together. Pictures will be forthcoming.

Did I just say pictures? Yes, yes, I did. Jessica Sprague's website is having an annual 20% off sale, so I signed myself up for a digital scrapbooking class. I think I'll always love paper scrapbooking, but I want to know more about PSE and I think it will help me with this whole card endeavor. I'm definitely a "show me" learner and her videos are very logical {to me}. I just completed my very digital page. Would you like to see it?

Not stellar by any stretch, but it's a start. I'm excited to learn more so I can quit fumbling around as I work on making cards. (Hint, hint...H, if you're reading this, I'd love another class from Jessica Sprague's website. Mom...yoooohoooo. Great idea for a Christmas present!)

I hope you had a wonderful day, wherever you are.

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