Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Breathing Deep


The marathon is over. All the busy-ness of the past 8 days is complete.

I've got a book in one hand. Starbucks in the other. I'm taking tonight off.

Off from the dishes--there are only a few. They can wait.

Off from the laundry. What's another day?

Off from the toys. They'll be there in the morning.

It's just me, my book, and my coffee. And maybe a little TV.

I'm so very much looking forward to tomorrow evening and then the weekend. It promises to be fun: lots of time with M, two photoshoots, and a few naps, if we're lucky.

I'm also looking forward to time to visit with you. I've missed seeing you and what's going on in your life. Look for lots of comments from me in the next few days!

1 comment:

Kyla said...

Sounds good to me! KayTar and I are having a girls weekend while the boys go camping.