Sunday, November 1, 2009


I haven't done this in a few years, so I guess I'll do it this year. It's time for National Blog Posting Month. I'll post something every single day this month. Okay, whatever. I'll TRY to post something every day this month.

November has 30 days, so I'll start with a list of 30 things. Maybe about me, maybe not. I don't really have a plan for today.

1.) We spent ALL day looking for a new tub. Not because that's how we wanted to spend a lazy Sunday, but because water from the tub leaked into our kitchen light when I was trying to relax in a bubble bath this morning. Water + light = not a good combination
2.) I have two brothers.
3.) My parents are still married.
4.) I want to visit Italy.
5.) I'm reading a good book right now.
6.) I take a pregnancy test every month, even when I'm obviously having PMS.
7.) M has the sweetest tooth of anyone I know.
8.) We ate french toast for dinner because I was too lazy to make anything else.
9.) M loved it.
10.) I hang my clean laundry on the door molding between the dining room and the den.
11.) We have a large screen TV.
12.) H loves it.
13.) I used to hate wine.
14.) Now I love it.
15.) I'm 32 years old.
16.) I love to hear the dish washer running.
17.) I never make my bed.
18.) I love to wear my pajamas all day.
19.) I like to take a bath in the morning and put on clean pajamas for the day.
20.) I don't remember the last time I scrapbooked something.
21.) I miss it.
22.) I have over 100 pictures on my camera.
23.) I need to download them.
24.) I'm going to cook dinner every night this week.
25.) I do better at completing tasks when I make a list or write them down.
26.) I don't like jelly.
27.) My grandmother turned 89 this year. I love her to pieces.
28.) A hymn at church this morning brought tears to my eyes. It was good. Very good.
29.) I'm going to spend next Saturday trying out Christmas recipes with two of my dearest friends.
30.) I'm TOTALLY hyped about a girls weekend trip planned for December.

Whew. Okay. I'll have a plan for the rest of the month. Happy NaBloPoMo!!!


Christina said...

this is such a fun peek into your life, Natalie! I look forward to seeing more of you and catching up. :o)

P.S. #8 - breakfast for dinner is the BEST EVER!

Kyla said...

Fun! I can't do NaBloPoMo this time...too much else to take care of.

I make my bed right before getting into it...never after getting up. I need the sheets straight before climbing back in.

Colleen said...

Love you list!

Good luck getting your 30 in 30!!!

Arizaphale said...

You don't like jelly??????????????
I totally gave up on NaBloPoMo this year. I am lucky to get to work and home again each day without anything else in my life. Maybe next year. Fun list!