Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Enough of the posts without pictures!!!

Here is a peek at my night out on the town:

To each her own martini.

The most delicious smoked chicken ravioli ever in the world. Amen.

On to Saturday. Andi, the daughters (hers and mine), and I turned this pile of groceries into the most delicious pile of goodness you've ever tasted.

Sure, we had a little help. We did a little tasting.

But we ended up with this...

And lots of this:

And it was good.
Very, very good. Good for the body. Even better for the soul.


Andi said...

What a weekend! It sure was so much fun...thanks for helping to cheer the daughter from her pregnancy blues... Much love to you and M. LOVE the photos.

Christina said...

what a lot of yummy goodness! M looks all grown up all of a sudden...how does that happen??

Kyla said...

Gimme those cookies! :)